Title Partner
Eris Lifesciences founded by Mr Amit Bakshi and his team in 2007 is one of the fastest growing companies, focusing on chronic and acute categories of the Indian branded formulation market. Eris has an impressive portfolio in cardiovascular therapy, anti–diabetics; vitamins; gastroenterology and gynaecology. Eris ranks 20th amongst 377 companies present in chronic category of the IPM.

Our focus has been on developing, manufacturing and marketing products which are linked to lifestyle related disorders that are chronic in nature and are treated by super specialist and specialist doctors.

We strive towards improving health care outcomes and adding value for all our stakeholders including patients, doctors, regulators, employees and business partners. We consistently make efforts to improve three key aspects of healthcare i.e. diagnosis, therapeutics and patient compliance.

We have always tried to raise the bar in diagnostics to global standards through our various initiatives like ABPM on call, Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Sleep Study and several other initiatives.

We strive to bridge therapeutic gaps by creating awareness about the role of Vitamin-D in metabolics, importance of chlorthalidone and ARB combination for minimizing CV risk, and introduction of new calcium channel blockers and their importance in the Indian context.

Considering the importance of patient education and awareness in lifestyle related disorders, we are constantly engaging with the medical fraternity to improve patient involvement and thus their compliance in order to improve clinical outcomes. This makes us the number one company in patient engagement.